CSS: Grid Layout Module Level 1

CSS: Grid Layout Module Level 1

The CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1, known simply as CSS Grid, represents a milestone in web page design and structuring.

The CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1, known simply as CSS Grid, represents a milestone in web page design and structuring. Officially launched in 2017, this powerful layout tool has transformed the way designers and developers create complex, responsive user interfaces. Thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, CSS Grid allows you to build complex layouts with less code, greater clarity and without the need for external frameworks.

How CSS Grid Works

The CSS Grid works through a system of rows and columns, allowing developers to position and size page elements precisely and flexibly. It differs from traditional methods, such as float or flexbox, by offering direct control over both the size and position of elements within a grid. This translates into greater ability to adapt to different screen sizes and devices, making the Grid ideal for responsive design.

Main Features

  • Bidirectional: Unlike Flexbox, which is unidirectional, Grid allows you to work on rows and columns simultaneously, offering greater versatility.
  • Area Template: Developers can define areas in the grid layout and assign elements to these areas, making code more readable and maintainable.
  • Flexible Units of Measurement: Grid introduces new units of measurement and functions, such as fr (fraction of available space) and minmax(), for a greater flexibility in defining dimensions.
  • Alignment and Overlay: Facilitates the alignment of elements both vertically and horizontally and supports overlapping of elements without the need for absolute positioning.

Applications and Advantages

CSS Grid is suitable for a wide range of web applications, from image galleries to complex article layouts, from interactive user interfaces to progressive web applications (PWAs). Its ability to create complex layouts with less code not only speeds up development, but also improves the readability and maintainability of the code. Plus, support for responsive design and cross-browser compatibility, with fallbacks for older browsers, makes CSS Grid an indispensable tool for modern web developers.


The CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1 marked the beginning of a new era in web design, giving developers unprecedented control over the structure of web pages. Its combination of flexibility, power, and ease of use has quickly made it a standard in responsive design and complex layout creation. As we continue to explore its potential, CSS Grid remains one of the key technologies defining the future of web design.