jQuery Chunkify

A jQuery plugin that splits text into HTML elements

jQuery Exists

Adds an exists() method to a jQuery object

jQuery jKlass

jQuery implementation of the JavaScript klass pattern

jQuery Char Counter

Counts the number of available characters in a block or textarea

jQuery YouTube

The simplest jQuery plugin to add YouTube's videos to your pages

jQuery MD5

A jQuery utility function to encode strings in MD5

jQuery Tab

A simpler alternative to the tabs() widget of jQuery UI

jQuery MoreLink

A jQuery plugin which AJAXifies the "More" link of a WordPress site

jQuery slideLeft

A jQuery plugin which adds a slick sliding effect from left to right to elements

jQuery Search Twitter

A jQuery plugin to run searches on Twitter, display and format the returned results

jQuery TwitterFeed

A jQuery plugin to fetch your latest tweets from Twitter, format them properly (including URLs and dates) and display them